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Seven Oaks Green Guard Stewards of 2017

Seven Oaks Green Guard

Stewardship Program

The Seven Oaks neighborhood has worked hard to revitalize vacant lots in their community while protecting the quality of the Blue River and its tributaries. Through sponsorship from the Blue River Watershed Association’s Communities Protecting Rivers grant provided by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation the neighborhood has committed to adopting and revitalizing three vacant lots. The Seven Oaks neighborhood is revitalizing three vacant lots into a butterfly sanctuary and labyrinth, nature playground, and an orchard.

“We plan to restore every vacant lot in our neighborhood to butterfly and wildlife habitat and will urge every community to do the same” - Minister Gregg of Thank you Christ Ministries and a member of the Seven Oaks Neighborhood Association.

HCA partnered with BRWA and the Seven Oaks neighborhood to train residents to be stewards of the vacant lots. Seven people participated in the Green Guard Stewardship Program and attended workshops led by Kansas City environmental professionals. The workshops focused on areas such as invasive plant management, habitat restoration, land use and planning, and community organizing. Throughout the program the stewards gained appreciation and awareness of the monarch butterfly and other pollinators. 



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