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Alliance Services Program

As a backbone agency for conservation in the Kansas City Metro area, we regularly convene Alliance members to work on projects, discuss important issues and learn together. We bring communities together to discuss funding opportunities and community needs. We actively engage civic leaders and practitioners to strengthen community leadership, leverage investments and coordinate among Alliance members to create efficiencies. We have developed shared metrics for a healthy watershed (published in the Blue River Report Card). By documenting results our work, we increase accountability and empower Alliance members to achieve their missions.


We bring information together from our numerous members, assemble it, and then find ways to help our Partners grow and succeed. For example, we have integrated information from regional conservation planning efforts into a five-year implementation strategy, the Blue River Action Plan. We are now working together with champions throughout the Blue River Watershed to tap that information for the benefit of their constituents and to protect more natural areas.


Current Projects:

Blue River Urban Waters Federal Partnership is just one example of the ways HCA and other conservation partners come together to create change around the Blue River

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