Annual Partnership Survey

Annual Survey

Each year, the Partnership Work Group surveys Alliance members to ensure our work as an Alliance is relevant, effectively engaging and empowering. We invite you to participate in the 2020 Annual Survey by December 15. It takes about 5 minutes and will help guide our Work Groups and Steering Council in 2021.  
Find the Annual Survey Here.
The Annual Partnership Survey evaluates our ability to provide support, resources and information as well as increase connectivity and engage new stakeholders. The survey informs HCA's work and direction. We measure success by the feedback we receive about our ability to connect, convene and conserve in the Blue River watershed.



2019/2020 Annual Partnership Survey

52 surveys were collected between November of 2019 and February of 2020. More than 80% of respondents reported that they agreed that HCA delivers value to their organization by facilitating and sharing information between agencies, helping their organization stay informed of issues and opportunities to protect natural areas, convening stakeholders to accomplish more than what their organization can do alone, and assisting with education and advocacy. 


Sixty-six percent of respondents agreed that HCA increased their organizations’ access to additional resources and funding while 25% neither agreed or disagreed. In this year's survey, Alliance members shared they would like more access to tools and resources. (Question 9 asks: What tools developed by HCA are you actively using to advance your work?) Of those responding, 65% are utilizing the newsletter, but other tools are only being used by less than 35% of respondents. We noted that Alliance members want improved communication in order to raise awareness and utilization of tools and resources.  


We received more than 90 suggestions for training, information sharing, and workshops. The suggestions included capacity building, engaging youth, policy, addressing diversity, stewardship training, leadership training, and various conservation issues including land management and water quality. 


The Partnership Work Group will work to address the findings and to continually improve communication to HCA members of our tools, resources, and work. The Work Group is exploring ways to increase information and resources sharing. Stay tuned to further updates.


If you or your organization would like to be involved in this effort, please reach out to



Kind words from past surveys

"Keep up the great work. You are an asset to our city." 

"HCA has strategically chosen a geography to work in that aids this effort to have a collective impact."

"Thank you for the work you do!"

"Great job! Keep it up!"

"I think HCA does a an awesome job at communicating among stakeholders about conservation issues." 


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