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Annual Partnership Survey


Annual Survey

Each year, the Partnership Work Group surveys Alliance members to ensure our work as an Alliance is relevant, effectively engaging and empowering. The Annual Partnership Survey evaluates our ability to provide support, resources and information as well as increase connectivity and engage new stakeholders. The survey informs HCA's work and direction. We measure success by the feedback we receive about our ability to connect, convene and conserve in the Blue River watershed.

2021 Annual Partnership Survey

2021 Partnership Survey Q6 jpeg.jpg

What tools developed by HCA are you actively using to advance your work?

Blue River Action Plan
Blue River Report Card
Blue River Documentary
Vacant Lot Mapping Tool
Vacant to Vibrant Field Guide

Green Guard Stewardship Training
Volunteer Workdays
Trainings with the crew
Not using
Neighborhood Sustainability Support
2021 Partnership Survey Q8 jpeg.jpg

HCA delivers value to you/your organization by

Convening stakeholders to accomplish more than I/my organization could do on its own. 

Facilitating the sharing of information between organizations and stakeholders. 

Increasing my/my organization's access to additional resources and funding. 

Assisting with education and advocacy. 

Approximately 50 surveys were collected, beginning at the Partnership Summit in October 2021 and continuing through the end of the year. From the responses we learned that 37.5% of the Partnership Summit attendees were attending for the first time. We are excited to see the news of the valuable work Heartland Conservation Alliance is doing continues to spread. 46% of attendees came to the Summit to meet and network with other partners. The event continues to be a great way for partners to share the conservation work being done in the community.


When asked about their favorite HCA tool, 26% mentioned the newsletter, sharing they look forward to reading it each month. A combined 76% identified the Blue River Report Card and Blue River Action Plan as tools they use to advance their work.


On the question of how HCA delivers value to their organization the highest scores recognized the facilitation of sharing information with other organizations and groups, as well as convening stakeholders.


The respondents’ interest in continuing to learn remains strong. 51% of those who answered desire more information on diversity in conservation, 47% want to learn more about land protection and management, and 45% shared interest in environmental policy.


The Partnership Work Group will work to address the findings from the Survey and to continue to improve communication to HCA members of our tools, resources and work. The Work Group is exploring ways to offer training on relevant topics. Stay tuned to further updates.


If you or your organization would like to be involved with the Partnership Work Group, please reach out to Kristina Williams at

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"Keep up the great work. You are an asset to our city." 

"We are incredibly grateful for the HCA support that helped make [our] programs successful."

"HCA has strategically chosen a geography to work in that aids this effort to have a collective impact."

"HCA's excels in community involvement, education and advocacy. These activities are vital to advancing conservation in the KC metro. I hope HCA continues to pursue these activities as part of its primary focus."

"I think HCA's work is extremely important and would love to see them build capacity on their work."

"I think HCA does a an awesome job at communicating among stakeholders about conservation issues." 

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Kind words from past surveys

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