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Our Conservation Program

Heartland Conservation Alliance proactively conserves, protects and restores natural areas within the Kansas City region, benefiting the community and future generations by improving water quality, creating recreational opportunities, protecting life and property, and preserving our natural and cultural heritage.


We accomplish these goals through collaboration with a network of public and private organizations and agencies that share our goals, values and objectives, and through public outreach and education. The purpose of the Alliance is to integrate, not duplicate the activities of our members. We are a conduit for new resources rather than a new competitor for existing funds and to that end, we have brought more than $2.4 million to our region to support conservation efforts.

The Alliance focuses on projects that strengthen our members and advances regional conservation. We rely on our Alliance members to do what they do best. We work to support them and when appropriate build their capacity. The Alliance extends and empowers the work that local, regional, state, and federal government agencies and non-profits are already doing.

Current Projects:

Jill Erickson leads a tour of the new trail in Blue Valley Park created through a partnership between Blue Valley Neighborhood Association, KC Parks and Recreation, and HCA. The 1/2 mile single track trail provides spectacular views of the woods and an oxbow of the Blue River. Funding for the trail was provided by National Parks and Recreation Association.

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