Blue River Parkway

Vision for a Healthy Action Area




Conservation Goals
  • Invasive species removal

  • Expanding riparian vegetation / tree planting

Large native climax canopy trees that naturally grow along rivers for example sycamore, cotton wood, silver maple, swamp white oak. Under the trees are lower growing native herbaceous plants and shrubs. Mixed in are a few understory trees like paw-paw and service berry. Walking through this landscape should feel somewhat open and airy.


Champion: Jackson County Parks + Rec

Focal Species: Paw-paw (Asimina triloba)

Acres: 650

Habitat: Healthy riparian corridor, floodplain




















Butterflies, birds, deer and beaver all need to get around their habitats. Migrating birds especially need a way to make their long journeys. The Blue River Parkway is a good migration pathway. People used to take this route too. Along the way they would have taken delight in eating Paw-paws in the fall.  


  • Invasive shrub honeysuckle

  • Invasive Japanese Hops

  • Invasive Winter creeper

  • Limited riparian vegetation/mowed turf to the edge of the river

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