Blue River Parkway

Vision for a Healthy Action Area


Native-grassland with intermittent tree populations and a healthy network of ephemeral streams. The ease with which these grasslands and ephemeral streams can be developed necessitates the conservation of headwater land. 






























Champions: Jackson County Parks, Missouri Department of Conservation, Heartland Conservation Alliance


Acres: 650


Keystone Ecosystems/Habitats: Healthy riparian corridor, floodplain


Focal Species: Paw-paw (Asimina triloba)


Conservation Goals:

  • Invasive species removal

  • Expanding riparian vegetation / tree planting

  • Invasive shrub honeysuckle

  • Invasive Japanese Hops

  • Invasive Winter creeper

  • Limited riparian vegetation/mowed turf to the edge of the river

About the Blue River Parkway


Ephemeral streams are ones that do not experience water flow year-round. They are typically shallow and experience flowing water for brief periods in response to rainfall, snowmelt, and other precipitation. Ephemeral streams are typically found in the headwaters of permanent streams and are integral to the overall function and health of a watershed. They dissipate energy during high-flow periods, they help to recharge and discharge ground-water, they help prevent erosion, and they create wildlife habitat.


In rapidly developing areas, land management decisions often don’t recognize the important functions served by ephemeral streams, which can look empty or dry to those not aware of their important function. 

Caption about the Blue River Headwaters here.

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