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Vision for a Healthy Action Area 


In as little as ten years, these vacant lots could be revitalized, connecting local green spaces with the larger Blue River corridor of trails and recreation spots. Community growth and sustainability relies upon being able to turn blight into beauty. The first step is stepping outside, gathering your community and getting your hands dirty. 


Champion Team: Heart of the City Neighborhood

Acres: 300 acres

Habitat: Urban Forest, Vacant Land, Domestic Gardens/Landscapes

Focal Species: Ruby throated hummingbird  (archilochus colubris)

The Palestine Corridor is located in the heart of Kansas City, and the Middle Blue River Watershed. This is a largely urbanized section of the watershed with mainly residential land use. The Palestine Corridor has a large amount of vacant lots located inside its boundaries. These lots have become vacant over time, leading to waste dumping, blight, and limited reuse impacting local health and resources. These vacant lots have the potential to make a powerful impact on the local community. By returning natural vegetation, improving stormwater treatment, and providing land for urban agriculture, these lots could improve air and water quality surrounding them, as well as the health of the human and wildlife community.


  • Illegal waste dumping

  • Air pollution

  • Flooding

  • Lack of healthy food options, distance to food

  • Lack of healthy recreation options. 

Conservation Goals
  • Educate local community on sustainable and healthy reuse of vacant lots. 

  • Convert all vacant lots into any/all of the following categories: Park, stormwater treatment, agriculture, community green space, native vegetation.

  • Provide the local community with healthy food options, green space, trail connectivity, community amenities and wildlife habitat.

  • Connect the Palestine Corridor community with the urban trail systems and recreation spots throughout the Kansas City region.

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