Alex George Lake

Vision for a Healthy Action Area

A wetland with a permanent open pool offering excellent habitat for water fowl and aquatic insects like dragonflies. It will be home to many beautifully flower wetland plant species like pickerel weed. As a wetland it will function like a sponge taking up rainwater and cleaning it before it reaches the Blue River.






























Champions: Jackson County Parks + Rec


Acres: 1,300 acres


Keystone Ecosystems/Habitats: Bottomland forest and wetland


Focal Species: American beaver


Conservation Goals:

  • Invasive species removal

  • Expanding riparian vegetation / tree planting

  • Establishment of native emergent wetland vegetation

  • Control aggressive cattails

  • Establish trails along the river according to MetroGreen standards

  • Restore wetland

  • Shrub honeysuckle

  • Japanese Hops

  • Johnson grass

  • Winter creeper

  • Cattails

About Alex George Lake

Alex George Lake was once a fishing lake. However, after 50 years silt from erosion in the creek has reduced the depth of the lake to 3-4 ft. This is not deep enough to sustain fish populations. The lake, like all in this area, is becoming a wetland. The cost to refurbish the lake is prohibited. Considering that wetland habitat is less than 1% of what once existed, helping the lake become a high quality wetland much more preferable.

Caption about the Blue River Headwaters here.

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