Vision for a Healthy Action Area

We want to create a beautiful, useable and vibrant open space, designed and supported by the Marlborough Community, through a robust public input and engagement process. We want to actively revitalize Marlborough neighborhoods, including the creation of meaningful and sustainable jobs. We want to increase urban habitat and conservation through park amenities.





























Champions: Marlborourgh Community Coalition, The Conservation Fund


Acres: 14 acres


Keystone Ecosystems/Habitats:



Focal Species: Monarch Butterfly


Conservation Goals:

  • Safer places for children to play

  • Cleaner air and water

  • Better resilience to floods

  • Improved public health

  • Creation of green jobs

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About Marlborough

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Caption about the Blue River Headwaters here.

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Anita B. Gorman Discovery Center

4750 Troost Avenue

Kansas City, MO 64110


(816) 759-7305, ext. 1148

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