Municipal Farm

A partnership project between Heartland Conservation Alliance and the City of Kansas City, Missouri, will protect groundwater recharge areas, restore wetlands and riparian habitat at the Municipal Farm. The Farm project features ecological restoration, urban agriculture, community gardens and outdoor recreation. Using Natural Resources Restoration program funding administered through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (department), the project will permanently restore and protect 15 to 18 acres of groundwater recharge area, including shallow marsh and shrub-scrub wetland, bottomland hardwood forest and riparian corridor in the Blue River floodplain.


It will also be supported by key partners, including EPA’s Green Infrastructure initiative, the Middle Blue River Urban Waters Federal Partnership, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, as well as local partners such as the BoysGrow urban agriculture program.

Vision for a Healthy Action Area 


A cross-section of aquatic and terrestrial habitat types in close proximity, supporting a diverse wildlife community across seasons and life stages. The site is a mecca for compatible outdoor recreation and is a living laboratory.


Champion Team: Boys Grow, City of KC

Acres: 422 acres

Habitat: Open water, emergent marsh, wet meadow, scrub/shrub wetland, bottom woodland, early successional, upland deciduous woodland

Focal Species: Tri-color bats (Perimyotis subflavus)


  • TBD

Conservation Goals
  • Remove invasive species

  • Restore wetland

  • Protect bats

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