Kourtney Cooper



Kourtney spent her formative years in the Kansas City area, her passion for nature developed on the trails and river systems throughout the midwest. However, her inspiration and conservation goals were cemented when studying and volunteering abroad as a highschool student, in South Africa and New Zealand. She went on to receive her Bachelor’s  from the University of Central Missouri where she studied Wildlife and Natural Resource Conservation. 

The unique ecosystems and biodiversity she experienced abroad inspired her to take a closer look at the environment she had always called home. After receiving her degree she has worked in the Colorado Front Range, mapping invasive species and creating community opportunities outdoors. Kansas City called her back home and since her return she has worked to create and restore wetlands and prairie ecosystems locally, both physically as well as behind the scenes logistically. She joins HCA excited to learn and inspire others, passionate to secure conservation efforts for future generations.

In her free time Kourtney enjoys reading, camping, kayaking, and hiking. She is also a big fan of dark sky astrophotography, live music and her growing native pollinator garden. She is always looking for suggestions, and takes every opportunity to explore and learn.