Magali Rojas

Magali was born in Guanajuato, Mexico and raised in Kansas City. She earned her education in both KCMO and KCK. She believes that both states would benefit from unifying efforts to support our depleting natural resources.

Magali believes in the power of community engagement. People are stronger when they are educated, united, and have access to resources. She does not think it was a mere coincidence meeting the previous founder and Executive Director of Heartland Conservation Alliance (HCA), Jill Erikson at a voter engagement event. She remembers Jill stating, “Nature does not need us to survive, on the contrary we need nature for a healthier way of life.” Those words rang true with Magali’s experience with nature. Afterall, being emerged in the outdoors and walking for hours is what helped heal her mental headspace. Magali created a passage for the next chapter of her life when she connected with HCA. She started volunteering with them in 2019 and with other environmental non-profits such as Clean Air Now. 

HCA introduced her to various resources. One of them being The SHIFTJH Summit, where she attended virtually as an emerging leader in 2020, and learned the power of storytelling and vulnerability. This was possible by creating a sense of community, which was amazing to witness with people around the country, who then became close friends. Meeting like-minded people with a shared mission inspired her to pursue an Environmental Justice certificate, which she earned in Spring of 2022. She is now earning a Professional Science Masters with a focus in Environmental Assessment from KU Edwards Campus and expects to graduate in Spring of 2023.

As the Environmental Justice Program Manager, Magali hopes to identify and connect with communities that are facing disproportionate health impacts due to environmental threats along the Blue River. Her hope is that she can connect with people who have been left out of the conservation conversation and provide them with the tools needed to support their neighborhoods.