Annual Partnership Survey

As we look forward to next year, our Partnership Work Group surveys Alliance partners to ensure our work as an Alliance is effectively engaging and empowering all partners. The annual survey evaluates our ability to provide support, resources and information as well as increase connectivity and brings new stakeholders into the fold. The survey informs our work and direction of the organization as a whole. We measure success by the feedback we receive about our ability to connect, convene and conserve in the Blue River Watershed.















2018 Survey Results

A total of 44 respondents completed our annual partnership survey, with 35 different partnerships represented. Respondents represented 44% of our 54 current partnerships; 31% of respondents represent new partnerships.


Heartland Conservation Alliance is a strong partner for organizations throughout Kansas City, providing ways all our partners can stay actively involved through work groups, our steering council, partnerships, and events to attend or volunteer at. More than 90% of our partners agree or strongly agree HCA facilitates the sharing of information between organizations and stakeholders, helps their organization stay informed of issues and opportunities to protect natural resources and convenes stakeholders to accomplish more than what their organization could alone. While only 59% of our partners agree or strongly agree that HCA increases their organization’s access to additional resources funding and funding, 31% neither agree nor disagree. More than 80% of our partners agree or strongly agree that HCA assists with education and advocacy; HCA will work to increase our accessibility as educators and advocators.


Key elements to focus on for 2018 are further development of our cohort for diversity, equity and inclusion in conservation; spreading information about grants/resources and funding; providing education on stormwater management, green infrastructure, watersheds and conservation easements, especially in the floodplain; addressing tensions between urban agriculture, parks and conservation; and further development of our policy work group. Our newsletter and annual partnership summit are well received, but not highly read/attended.

Partners are overwhelmingly supportive and see us as an asset, but some changes to consider are that HCA be more outspoken about development, increase our immersion in communities and provide more concise summaries of our work to partners.



"Keep up the great work. You are an asset to our city."


"HCA has strategically chosen a geography to work in that aids this effort to have a collective impact."


"Thank you for the work you do!"


"Great Job! Keep it up!"


"I think HCA does an awesome job at communicating among stakeholders about conservation issues."



Would you like to become an Alliance partner? Are you or your organization working to protect natural resources in the metro area? Complete the Partnership Declaration below and send it to to be considered for membership.

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