On The Role of Land Trusts

"If I were asked to describe the role of land trusts in as few words as possible, I would say that the philosophy behind the work is to repair the relationship between human cultures and physical places." "Something is wrong today with this relationship, particularly in post-colonial and post-industrial societies. The trouble is deep and complex and in my view, broadly speaking, land trusts areaddressing one of the most important aspects of the problem by forcing this question: What does an ethical relationship with a place look like, how is it to be established or repaired and how is it to be maintained? It takes great courage to pose these questions, and great vision. I admire you enormously as an outsider and also as a citizen of this country." --Barry Lopez remark(s) from the Land Trust Alliance’s Rally 2013: The National Land Conservation Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana, September 18, 2013. Photo, LTA Rally. Please support our work repairing these relationships. Give today by clicking here.

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