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2015: Our Year in Review

Conserving Natural Resources

  • $200,000 award from The Conservation Fund, Parks with a Purpose funding for park at 81st & Troost

  • $50,000 National Fish & Wildlife Foundation Five Star Restoration Grant to restore 10 acres at Municipal Farm

  • $55,000 Missouri Department of Conservation contract with Bridging the Gap to implement Upper Blue River Conservation Opportunity Area Action Plan

  • Lead Urban Monarch Conservation Framework for Kansas City, tool under development by The Field Museum and US FWS to help guide urban Monarch conservation plans in cities across the Midwest

  • “Save our Woods” campaign, advocated to save 44 acres of woods in Independence, MO

  • Advocate best management practices for Paragon Star soccer development in Lee’s Summit, MO

  • Support Indian Heights Homes Association to restore and protect 5 acres for habitat and open space

  • Identify and prioritize 100+ vacant lots in Middle Blue watershed for future preservation and restoration Provide support and assistance to Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council to restore community rain garden

Connecting People to Nature

  • $3,500 subaward EPA Urban Waters grant to educate youth, Partner with Blue River Watershed Assoc.

  • $1,000 Boulevardia for education and outreach materials, Participated in 2-day event, 50,000 attended

  • Renew National Parks Service Technical Assistance grant for creating community outreach tools

  • Presented Middle Blue River Vacant Lots study to 35 via River Network national webinar, Partner with UMKC

  • Hosted 2015 MLK Nature Walk for 100+ participants, Partners KCMO Parks+Rec, Blue River Watershed Assoc.

  • Workday for 25 Rockhurst Univ. students on Finucane Day of Service, Partner KCMO Public Schools. VISTA provided 7 education and outreach presentations at churches, schools, businesses; engaged 70. Launched Green Guard, urban stewardship program, East High School pilot site

  • Support creation of Blue River educational signage for KC Zoo, Partner with Black & Veatch

  • Facebook Page, 300 followers (up from 200 in 2014)

Convening Our Community

  • New Partnership Coordinator, Welcome Brianna Leiker!

  • 35 Partners formerly join Alliance

  • Convene partners for 30+ meetings

  • Co-lead Middle Blue River Urban Waters Federal Partnership

  • Co-lead Unified Messaging campaign, Renew the Blue

  • $165,000 EPA Urban Waters grant to MARC and HCA to serve as Ambassador for Federal Partnership. Municipal Farm awarded Sustainable Cities Design Academy grant, Partners: Boys Grow, Vireo, KCMO. Serving on Core Group for KC Native Plant Initiative

  • Serving on Core Group for Fish & Wildlife Service Ecological Places in Cities (EPIC), regional landscape scale conservation for urban areas

  • Serving as Co-Chair on Urban Neighborhood Initiative, Vibrant to Vacant Action Group

  • Attended 30 + community meetings (Troost Alliance, Heartland Community Connection, neighborhood associations, Blue River Quarterly, Water Quality Education Committee, and more)

  • Supported and participated in 10+ partner events (MO River Watershed Festival, Troost Festival, Project Blue River Rescue, and others)

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