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Legislative Notice: Missouri Ballot Amendment 1

Help us spread the word that we need everyone to vote YES on Amendment #1 this November 8 and renew the Soil and Water Tax Fund. This is not a new tax; it is a renewal that supports our State Parks. It costs you roughly $7 a year and is the primary source of funding for the state park system. All additional funding comes from revenues generated in the state park system and some federal funds.


The parks, soils, and water tax was created through a constitutional amendment and earmarked specifically for the state park system and efforts to stop soil erosion. The tax was first approved by voters in 1984, and has since been re-approved by voters three times in 1988, 1996 and 2006. Two-thirds of voters approved the tax the last three times, showing how much Missouri voters support their state park system. This 1/10 of 1% sales tax funds Missouri's 88 State Parks and conserves our soil and water.

Vote yes and share Missouri's natural beauty with all visitors free of charge. The tax generates $90 million annually which is equally split between the State Parks, which generate over $1 billion in state revenues and supports 14,000 jobs, and the Soil and Water Tax Fund that has kept 177 million tons of soil out of Missouri rivers, streams, and lakes since 1984.

Yard signs are available for pick up at the following locations:

4750 Troost Avenue

Kansas City, MO 64110


Monday-Thursday 8:00 AM-3:00PM

Recommended to call or text Jill before you head over!

6212 NW Barry Road

Kansas City, MO 64151


Monday-Friday 9:30-6:00

Saturday 9:00-5:00

Sunday 12:00-4:00

Library in Fleming Park

7300 SW West Park Road

Blue Springs, MO 64015

Wednesday-Sunday 1:00-5:00pm

Burroughs is a 100% volunteer organization so please don't hesitate to call ahead before coming. 816-795-8177

11100 E Winner Road

Independence, MO


Tuesday 1:00-8:00

Wednesday 12:00-8:00

Thursday 10:00-8:00

Friday & Saturday 9:00-5:00

Sunday & Monday closed

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