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Municipal Farm Community Work Day

Reviving a historic and environmental landmark in Kansas City Municipal Farm, located in the Eastwood Hills community, is an historical and environmental landmark. The 441 acres are owned by the City of Kansas City, Missouri. In the early 1900’s Municipal Farm saw a variety of uses including a working farm, a corrections facility, a woman’s reformatory, a cemetery and a hospital. Recently, the corrections facility was demolished and the city has used the site for services including pumping station, police firing range, National Guard Armory, and animal shelter. The site is currently underutilized and only a few of the services mentioned are operating. The Eastwood Hills community has been actively involved in the process of redesigning Municipal Farm. After two community meetings and an open house the residents created a vision for the future of Municipal Farm and addressed neighborhood issues pertaining to the site, culminating in the Municipal Farm Area-Wide Sustainable Reuse Plan. The community vision is “to create mutually beneficial relationships between this unique place and its surroundings that celebrate the sites history, restore and enhance the natural environment, strengthen the economy, and create opportunities for learning and recreation.” This vision will promote land uses that work together to create a comprehensive system of economic growth, livability and recreation, innovation, efficiency and resource reuse, and environmental resilience. Things are already happening at Municipal Farm. In 2010 the Eastwood Hills community started their own community gardens. BoysGrow and Kansas City Community Gardens are creating an agriculture hub that will boost economic growth in the urban core of Kansas City. This site is a naturalist’s, bicyclist’s, and hiker’s destination that further connects Swope Park, and regional trails such as the Rock Island Trail and Metro Green. There are opportunities for nature-focused education facilities and habitat restoration including wetland and bat habitat (an old mining cave is now home to thousands of bats). You can get involved with the Municipal Farm restoration project next Saturday, March 18. The Municipal Farm Community Work Day is an opportunity to learn from experts who have been involved with the Municipal Farm Sustainable Reuse Plan. This community work day features a tour that honors the site’s history and explains how this “whole system” approach will continue the legacy of this land’s productive capacity and ability to create sustenance for the surrounding region. RSVP Itinerary Walk-in Registration 8:30 - 9:00 a.m. Walking & History Tour of Municipal Farm 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. Honeysuckle Academy 10:30 a.m. - Noon Fruit Tree Planting 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. Join us all day, just for the tour, or to help plant trees and remove honeysuckle. Lunch will be provided to those who participate in the Honeysuckle Academy Workshop or tree-planting activities. Tour and activities will be held on rugged and uneven terrain. Please wear appropriate footwear and be prepared to walk or work in wooded areas or tall grass. Municipal Farm Community Work Day is part of the Renew the Blue Campaign. Funding for the Municipal Farm Community Work Day is possible through the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

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