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Year of Vision: Building a More Resilient Place to Call Home

As we venture into 2020, Heartland Conservation Alliance marks its eighth year serving the Kansas City Metro by working collaboratively to protect important natural areas. We have focused efforts and resources on the Blue River Watershed. We wrapped up 2019 with exciting accomplishments - producing the Blue River documentary, publishing the Blue River Report Card, launching the Vacant Lot Mapping Tool and purchasing our first property. As climate change continues to threaten our quality of life, we have much more work to accomplish.

We are encouraged and inspired by our Alliance members, our supporters and our new leadership. At the Sixth Annual Partnership Summit, five new community members joined the HCA Board of Directors. They have big goals for the organization this year.

"I want to further strengthen the Heartland Conservation Alliances mission of connecting people to the outdoors along the Blue River," said Chandler Little Eagle. "And continue working with the dedicated and passionate network of partnerships."

"I hope that in 2020 HCA’s efforts will provide even more community members with immersive, memorable experiences that connect them with natural outdoor spaces," shared Sarah Hemme. "I hope that citizens throughout the metro will be inspired to care about nature and help support the conservation programs of HCA and its partners. I envision a metro where wild lands thrive, valued by a community that is invested and empowered to protect them."

"Heartland Conservation Alliance is truly a startup non-profit, and has found great success in bootstrapping itself into a position to deeply impact the conservation and environmental outcomes of the KC Metro Area," notes Matt Hart. "[This year| - 2020 - is another big year for the organization, one that will propel the organization forward for the next decade of critical work on the Blue River and beyond -- through ongoing community engagement, partnership, and now a capital campaign to grow its mission as a land trust."

And Roberta Vogel-Leutung observes that "HCA is continuing to excel in its foundational role of convening partners toward regional conservation goals, and expanding the impact of urban conservation on local realization of healthy communities."

"My goal for HCA is to continue conservation beyond environmental preservation," promised Kristen Bontrager. "I wish to create and maintain habitat in communities not only for the beauty, air and water quality, but also as a learning tool to those who may not have had the opportunity presented to them previously. I hope, beyond comprehension to assist in improving the quality of life for humans and critters alike through environmental activism."

These outstanding people have stepped up to lead this exciting and challenging work ahead. You can learn more about them here.

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