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Steering the Vision of HCA 2020

As we venture into 2020, Heartland Conservation Alliance marks its eighth year serving the Kansas City Metro by working collaboratively to protect important natural areas. We have focused efforts and resources on the Blue River Watershed. We wrapped up 2019 with exciting accomplishments - producing the Blue River documentary, publishing the Blue River Report Card, launching the Vacant Lot Mapping Tool and purchasing our first property. As climate change continues to threaten our quality of life, we have much more work to accomplish. We are encouraged and inspired by our Alliance members, our supporters and our new leadership. Our Steering Council will guide us in our vision and activities toward that vision. Each Council member serves a two-year term and represents a key Partner community including: Business, Education, Government, Higher Education, Land trust, Nonprofit, Neighborhood/Landowner, Public Land Manager and Water Utility. As we have had some members retire, renew and join we asked them to share their vision of the future of HCA.

"I am excited to see HCA in a role as thought-leader in the region and in conservation action along the Blue River. I am also thrilled to see how HCA is engaging more neighborhood leaders in on-the-ground transformation throughout the watershed," shares Christina Hoxie.

"I hope in 2020 HCA can exceed their Renew the Blue goals by doubling the number of people engaged in restoration and protection of the Blue River," said returning member Lara Isch.

“Aim above morality. Be not simply good - be good for something.”-Henry David Thoreau 'Using my favorite quote to live by, my hopes are to see HCA continue to make the amazing changes and educational impact on the community," notes Victoria Dunkin. "I hope to help HCA achieve conservation and policy goals with any skills I currently have, while growing and learning more about this amazing group."


"With the Blue River Report Card in hand as a road map, I hope to see HCA dive into its mission to protect and restore the Blue River watershed," shared Joe Wheelock. "My goal is for HCA to accomplish this by leveraging its own assets, and growing its partnerships through shared visioning with the impacted communities."

"My hope for HCA in 2020 is that we are able to fully utilize the Blue River Report Card in a way that maximizes improvements to Action Areas, while also showing marked improvement to the assessed grades in each sub-watershed," observed Ian Fannin-Hughes.

Learn more about the Steering Council on our website here.

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