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Alliance Services Program Update

The Annual Partnership featured "The Blue River Story Project" which displayed HCA partners' many experiences and memories on the Blue River. The stories and photographs are available on HCA's blog. Photo by Dignified Digital.

HCA joined Groundworks Northeast Revitalization Group of Kansas City, Kansas and Urban Waters project teams to start a Water Equity and Climate Resilience collaborative. The group is led by the Urban Waters Learning Network in an effort to promote equitable climate and community resilience. The collaborative will advance approaches that elevate community priorities, in particular those of underserved communities - in all aspects of building resilience, by generating discussions, identifying knowledge gaps, and promoting learning and exchange.

HCA signed an agreement to do community-led research through the Urban Waters Learning Network. HCA will reach out to the Palestine community to interview residents and learn their ideas for repurposing the forested vacant lots in their neighborhood.


The next Steering Council Meeting will be on Thursday, 12/9/21 in partnership with the HCA Board to close out 2021.

The November Urban Waters meeting was cancelled. The next meeting will be held virtually on Thursday, 12/15/21 at 1 pm.

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