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Alliance Services Program Update

This project presents a unique opportunity to restore critical wildlife habitat in an urban core and leverage the restoration to provide opportunities for improved community health and address serious environmental justice issues. Photo by Meghan Freeman.

The first Partnership Work Group of 2022 was held on January 11. The Work Group discussed goals for the new year. By the end of the collaboration the Work Group has decided to focus on spotlighting alliance members through HCA’s newsletter, recruitment, and enhancing existing partnerships.

On January 27 HCA led the first Community Action Board of 2022 for the Palestine East Restoring Vacant Lots Project. The groups discussed the state of the lots in the winter and the concerns regarding the amount of trash on the property. Following the discussion Triveece Penelton from Vireo introduced the design activity to the group in which included elements that could be included in the lots’ redesign such as ecosystem services and beneficial economic investment. The group was asked to consider native plantings and wildlife restoration, as well as recreation and education.


The next Partnership Work Group meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 3/8/22 at 6:00pm.

The next Urban Waters meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, 3/16/22 at 1:00pm.

If you are interested in joining the Partnership Work Group, contact Meghan Freeman at

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