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Alliance Services Program Update

Studies tell us that by cleaning up vacant urban land we can improve the health of the Blue River. When we use nature-based solutions to address blight in our city, we can improve community health and vitality by providing residents access to safe outdoor places for community building and recreation. Photo by Kristina Williams.

On Thursday, May19 HCA and Vireo led the Community Action Board for the Palestine East Restoring Vacant Lots Project. Triveece Penelton and Becca Pruett of Vireo shared two draft design concepts based on the input provided during the January 2022 “Be the Designer” activity as well as the homework, photos, and ideas submitted to date. The two draft design concepts were printed and discussed among the group. After a preferred design concept is selected, the next steps are to further engage the community on the proposed design. The CAB is seeking input from the adjacent property owners, neighbors, and overall community. The group also wants to ensure that the properties that backup to this space have a buffer zone for privacy.

Jason Parson with Parson + Associates and John Pruss with Burns and McDonnell also attended the meeting to talk about the City’s Smart Sewer Program. They explained that the Smart Sewer Program has an interest in adding green infrastructure in the Palestine East Corridor. The Smart Sewer Program was developed to address to reduce the volume and frequency of overflows from the City’s sewer system as part of the City’s Consent Decree with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


The next Partnership Work Group is Tuesday, 7/12/22. If you are interested in joining the Work Group, contact Kristina Williams,

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