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Alliance Services Program Update

As part of our Urban Waters program this year, we will be working this year to create a Water Equity Roadmap, lead a community-led design process to reimagine what the Palestine Corridor can look like and secure long-term funding for the Ambassador work. HCA will be hosting two stakeholder sessions this quarter to gather information from Kansas City groups to learn about what issues are most pressing related to water. We are working with Wichita State University on this project and plan to have a Roadmap ready by September 2021.

Participants in the Marlborough Green Guard Stewardship Program at 81st and Troost. The workshops focused investments to improve infrastructure and open space for residents.

HCA is hosting a series of Green Guard Stewardship training workshops in March and April. The series will be co-hosted by our partners and Green Guard graduates. The workshops will take place on site at Dunbar Farms, 81st and Troost, Boon Area #1 and the Anita B. Gorman Discovery Center. Local conservation and environmental experts will introduce participants to the basics of stewardship of a vacant lot using nature-based solutions. Each lesson will provide practical resources and information through hands-on learning. This is funded by Health Forward Foundation as part of our Restoring Vacant Lots project.

If you are or know someone interested in using nature-based solutions to restore vacant lots in their community, register on our website. These workshops are free.

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