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Alliance Services Program Update

The Steering Council met on Feb. 22 and discussed the results of the Partnership Survey. We received suggestions for information sharing on carbon sequestration to help reduce climate change, lesson plans for teachers, and trail restoration updates. The suggestions also included education, training, volunteer mobilization on removing invasive species such as Winter Creeper, and advocacy to make sure people know about invasive species. We also received suggestions for ways to share information with area stream teams.

The Partnership Summit occurs every year and offers the survey to Alliance members to ensure our work as an Alliance is relevant, effectively engaging and empowering.

Further details about the partnership survey indicate a positive response toward our newsletter and interest in the Monarch Landscape Conservation Design Tool and Honeysuckle Density Study. Thank you to all who participated in the Annual Partnership Survey!

The Steering Council also discussed future plans focused on a reliable water quality monitoring program to improve the grade in the Blue River Report Card. The Council discussed the importance of outreach and communication to scale improvements and education to what communities need. To respond to this goal, HCA and our partners are working to host tree planting and restoration work days that involve an education component to involve neighborhoods in water quality monitoring.

The next Partnership Work Group meeting will be Tuesday, 4/6/21 at 5pm.

If you would like to attend a Work Group, contact Jill Erickson,

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