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Biking brings adventure and sparks curiosity about nature

In 2019 Heartland Conservation Alliance board member Sarah Hemme had a question for curiousKC. She wanted to know "which organizations, such as government agencies, nonprofits, or citizens groups, are 'most proactive and effective at conserving, protecting, and restoring natural lands and open space' in the Kansas City area."

30 Days of Biking KC is all about getting out in nature and learning about the work our partners are doing to preserve green space in Kansas City. Every ride counts! Photo by Sarah Hemme.

In Full Bloom: Kansas City area has flourishing conservation ecosystem

Revisit the article and check out 30 Days of Biking KC to help the efforts of HCA and our partners in preserving green space in Kansas City. Biking is an exciting way to spark questions and learn more about nature and the Blue River. In some cases, adventure awaits. In the article, watch the video where Sarah leads Flatland Senior Reporter Mike Sherry on a mountain bike ride along the Blue River.

We encourage you to ride your own path and share your adventures and discoveries!

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