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Conservation Program Update

On Saturday, Feb. 27, HCA Staff and Will Gibson, Down to Earth Services, met with the Foxtown East Neighborhood community advisory board to continue planning efforts to design a reuse plan for four adjacent lots at 39th and Cleveland. The project is funded by the Health Forward Foundation and is part of HCA’s Restoring Vacant Lots Program.

Foxtown East community members heard from Will Gibson (left) from Down to Earth Services about landscaping plans for the vacant lots in their neighborhood.

Following ice breakers and introductions, Will Gibson provided a detailed landscaping concept for the lots. The advisory board offered feedback before breaking up into small groups to brainstorm resources within the community that will help create and maintain the project. The proposed design includes a grassy lawn, nature and play structure, native plants, and trails connected to important community hubs.

The Policy Work Group met on Friday, Feb. 26 and discussed recent updates on regional Climate Resiliency planning and advancing the Healthy Watershed Resolution, with hopes for creating city-wide guidelines for maintaining a healthy watershed.

The next Conservation Work Group meeting is Thursday, 3/18/21 at 4pm.

The next Policy Work Group meeting is Friday, 3/26/21 at 3pm.

If you would like to attend a Work Group, contact Jill Erickson,

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