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Conservation Program Update

Beginning in January 2021, HCA convened six committees to review methodology and data from the 2019 Blue River Report Card. Each committee focused on one of the indicators of health for the Blue River including Community Connections, Water Quality, Governance, Recreation, Habitat and Development. 37 volunteers representing 35 partner organizations contributing time and resources to serve on the 2021 Report Card Committees. The Blue River Report Card and the Blue River Action Plan will be updated with the research following stakeholder feedback. Plans are on track for the updated documents to be published in the first quarter of 2022.

Ian Fannin-Hughes (right) provided instruction and guidance for the stream visual assessments conducted in July 2021. Stream visual assessments are the initial evaluation of the overall condition of streams, riparian zones and habitats. The results contribute to the Water Quality indicator of the Blue River Report Card. Photo by Jill Erickson.

Read the 2019 Blue River Report Card and The Blue River Action Plan on our website to learn about the health of the Blue River and what HCA and our partners are doing to improve it.


The Conservation and Policy Work Group will meet on the second Monday of even months in 2022. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, 2/14/22 at 5:30 pm.

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