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Conservation Program Update

On Saturday, March 19, HCA will host the first Renew the Blue volunteer restoration workday at Blue Valley Park, 9:00 am - Noon. The workday is led by the Nature Action Crew and open to community members. Tools and training will be provided by HCA. Volunteers can earn service hours, meet others working hard to restore green space in Kansas City and help save the Blue River.

Register for the workday on HCA’s Community Calendar.

The Nature Action Crew has been focusing their work by providing support for HCA partners on various projects around Kansas City. The Crew regularly visits MO Hives KC and is currently focused on creating a microforest. They also continue to remove invasive bush honeysuckle and plan to use the removed branches to construct a fence around the property.

Honeysuckle forms a thick understory that limits sunlight to native plants inhibiting seedling establishment and forest regeneration. They also compete for soil moisture, nutrients, and may produce a chemical that inhibits native plant growth. Photo by Magali Rojas.

The Nature Action Crew has also been working with Marlborough Green Guard Stewards and Will Gibson from Down to Earth Services at the “Nature & Play” site at 81st and Troost. The teams meet to cut back the nature nodes positioned around the site and clean up trash around the park.

On Thursday, February 17 the Policy & Conservation Work Group met virtually for the first time in 2022. This was the first meeting that combined the former Policy Work Group and Conservation Work Group.


The next Policy & Conservation Work Group is scheduled for 4/11/22 at 5:30 - 7:00 pm. If you're interested in joining the Work Group contact Magali Rojas,

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