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Conservation Program Update

The 2021 Blue River Report Card is complete and available on Heartland Conservation Alliance’s website. In 2021, the Blue River Watershed received a “C“ letter grade with an overall score of 46%.

The Blue River has three main tributaries, or creeks, flowing into it: Indian Creek, Brush Creek and Tomahawk Creek. The area of land that directs water to flow into the Blue River is called the Blue River Watershed. Two thirds of the rain that falls in the southern Kansas City metropolitan area drains into the Blue River. Photo by Kristina Williams.

The grade reflects the combined scores from six categories. Four categories (Water Quality, Development, Recreation and Community Connections) received “C” letter grades; two categories (Governance, and Habitat). To create the Report Card, the Blue River Watershed was divided into three sections: the Upper, Middle, and Lower Watersheds. Each section was scored separately. As these scores in each category are raised, the overall grade for the Blue River will be raised.

The 2021 Blue River Report Card was developed and published by many of our partners, especially through the guidance and expertise of Courtney Masterson from Native Lands LLC, and Jill Erickson, HCA former Executive Director.

To learn more and read the 2021 Blue River Report Card, visit Heartland Conservation Alliance’s website.


The Conservation & Policy Work Group met on Thursday, 4/21/22. The next Conservation & Policy Work Group will be virtual on Monday, 6/13/22. If you are interested in joining the Work Group, contact Magali Rojas,

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