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Conservation Program Update

At the Municipal Farm, the Blue River has been altered by the US Army Corps of Engineers to control flooding. The Municipal Farm, owned by the City of Kansas City, Mo., is surrounded by industry and residential neighborhoods struggling with crime, poverty, and environmental challenges. Photo by Sarah Benal.

Earlier in 2022, Kansas City Parks & Recreation was awarded a $5 million American Rescue Plan Act stormwater grant from the state of Missouri. With help from partners such as Mid-America Regional Council, Bridging the Gap, HCA, and The Conservation Fund, this project seeks to restore 200-270 acres of riparian habitat along the Blue River, restore green infrastructure in three nodes along the Blue River corridor (Blue River Park, Blue Valley Park, and the Municipal Farm, as well as the restoration of a 9-acre wetland in Alex George Wetland Park), and plant 2,000-2,500 trees in neighborhoods and business districts adjacent to the corridor. Work will be led by the Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation Department, in collaboration with diverse community and nonprofit partners.

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