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Conservation Program Update

HCA is excited to collaborate with Native Lands LLC, who will provide technical support and ideas for future projects. Courtney Masterson, the owner-operator of Native Lands LLC, will focus on metrics for the Renew the Blue Campaign and the Blue River Action Areas, as well as the 2021 Blue River Report Card. We plan to analyze our metrics and look for ways to provide a more accurate picture of the work surrounding the Blue River. Masterson’s initial findings will be presented to the Conservation Work Group at the January meeting.

The great blue heron. The Blue Rive Report Card measures the health of the River to strengthen terrestrial and aquatic habitat that supports a strong food web with predators. Photo by Ian Fannin-Hughes.

With funding from the EPA’s Environmental Justice Collaborative Problem Solving Program, HCA began a new Restoring Vacant Lots project. The Task Advisory Group will engage members in the Heart of the City/Palestine neighborhoods to develop a re-use plan for a corridor of vacant land owned by the KC Land Bank. This project is in partnership with Center for Neighborhoods, Open Table, KCMO Housing and Neighborhoods and Missouri Department of Conservation.

HCA continues their collaboration with Foxtown East Neighborhood to assist them with designing a re-use plan for four vacant lots located at 69th Terrace and Cleveland and hosting Green Guard training.

The next Conservation Work Group meeting will be Thursday, 1/21/21 3:30 - 5pm.

The next Policy Work Group meeting will be Friday, 1/29/21 3 - 4:30pm. If you would like to attend a Work Group please contact Jill Erickson at

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