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Does Our Relationship with Nature Make a Difference?

By Jill Erickson

At our 7th Annual Partnership Summit this year, we asked Alliance members on our community panel if a relationship with nature makes a difference, especially in such a challenging year as 2020.

Hands down, they said YES! Check out his clip from that event. (Thank you for creating the video, former HCA Youth Council member and volunteer extraordinaire Gwyn Powell!)

Heartland Conservation Alliance was founded on the belief that everyone - every single person - in our community deserves access to nature and to enjoy the benefits of connecting to nature. It is the reason we saved the Heartland Overlook Preserve. It is the reason we work with neighborhoods to restore unused land. It is the reason we work with land managers to restore parks and trails. It is the reason we work with private landowners to conserve their land. It is the reason we host events and training for future stewards.

Best wishes to you and yours this holiday season and hoping you can find ways to strengthen YOUR relationship with nature. Consider joining us in our campaign to save the HOP! You can make a donation today to help advance regional conservation efforts, to reconnect the region’s residents to our natural heritage, and to ensure its protection for generations to come. Click here or text "NeedNature" to 44-321.

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