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Education & Outreach Program Update

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

In 2022 volunteers will continue removing invasive species such as bush honeysuckle and pick up illegally dumped trash. HCA will work with Urban Trail Co. to design and build hiking and biking trails that will connect with a trail system running the length of the Blue River Corridor. Photo by Magali Rojas.

The next community workday at the HOP is scheduled for Saturday, December 11th. This is the last workday at the Heartland Overlook Preserve for 2021, so be sure to come out and join us. The 2022 workdays will be available soon and can be found on HCA’s Community Calendar and the Renew the Blue website. We are making noticeable progress and have so far cleared over 2,500 square feet of honeysuckle and removed 1,600 lbs of trash. Sign up for the December 11 workday here.

On November 11 the Education & Outreach Work Group met to discuss their goals and vision for 2022. The Work Group’s debate emphasized the importance of reaching out to more diverse neighborhoods along the watershed, and engaging with tools such as The Blue River Report Card and the Blue River Action Plan to increase action to improve the health of the Blue River.

On November 16 Nature Action Crew leader Magali Rojas was interviewed by Steve Kraske on NPR’s Up to Date for “Health, Equity & Environmental Justice.” Magali and the Director of the Office of Environmental Justice for the EPA, Matthew Tejada, discussed the impact of climate change on communities of color and low-income neighborhoods in Kansas City. Listen to the interview here.


The next Education & Outreach Work Group meeting is scheduled for Thursday, 1/13/22 at 10:00am.

HCA is launching a new work group! The first Renew the Blue Work Group is scheduled for Tuesday, 1/11/22 at 6:30pm.

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