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Education & Outreach Program Update

The Blue River travels 42 miles, across two states, five counties and 21 municipalities. This beautiful natural resource is threatened by pollution, lack of access and unsustainable development. Photo by Sarah Benal.

Funded by KC Water, the Green Guard Stewardship Training Program will increase community understanding and awareness of issues facing the Blue River and offer hands-on training to empower people to take action by serving as stewards. The training will focus on water quality education and engage new stewards with ideas for behavioral change across multiple generations.

The training program is FREE and open to any individual. Stewards who complete the training will receive a stipend at the final workshop. All tools, instruction, and snacks will be provided as well.

The hands-on training offers fellowship and positive experiences with nature to help change how people perceive nature, care for nature and interact with nature. Green Guard equips Stewards with the right resources and empowers them to address their needs for years to come through exposure to the positive health benefits of nature.

The details of the 2023 Workshops are still in progress. Those interested in receiving updates can fill out the interest form.

Location - TBD

Topics - TBD

Workshop Dates

  • March 25

  • April 29

  • May 27

  • June 17

Restoration Cleanup Dates

All Green Guard Stewards and community volunteers are invited to attend workdays on:

  • April 15

  • May 13

  • June 3

Please contact Sarah at Heartland Conservation Alliance with any questions: 816-349-9201 or

Learn more about the Green Guard Stewardship Program on HCA’s website.

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