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Education & Outreach Program Update

Citizen scientists help us discover threatened or endagered species we didn't know we had. Discoveries like these will help with protecting them and their habitats. Photo by Sarah Benal.

Mark your calendars! HCA is preparing for our spring Outdoor Education programs. On Saturday, April 29, HCA is hosting the Heartland Nature Celebration at the Heartland Overlook Preserve. The Heartland Nature Celebration is one event of many across the Kansas City Metro Area as part of the City Nature Challenge. The event will be open to the public and will include environmental education opportunities and guided flora and fauna identification hikes.

The metro area challenge is organized by HCA, the Kansas City Zoo, and the City of Kansas City. Every discovery made at the activities around the city will contribute to the greater Kansas City Metro Areas' City Nature Challenge effort. Last year there were over 1,900 observations, and this year we’re making it a goal to double that!

You can get to practicing now by downloading the iNaturalist app for your phone or tablet, and exploring the nature found all around you.

The City Nature Challenge is a world-wide collaboration that offers an opportunity to connect with nature in the Kansas City Metropolitan Region. Every photo participants take and upload to their local challenge website during the event is considered important citizen science data, and contributes to larger plans and goals to help make cities more sustainable and protect wildlife and habitats in urban areas. Photos taken between April 28 - May 1 will be counted toward the total.

Keep your eyes on HCA’s website and the City of Kansas City, MO’s website for updated information.


HCA’s volunteer restoration workdays are open for registration! The first one is Saturday, February 25, 9:00 am - Noon at Blue River Road. Join our team of dedicated volunteers to cut down honeysuckle and pick up trash. You can find more dates and register on HCA’s Community Calendar.

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