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Education & Outreach Program Update

HCA Executive Director Jill Erickson was featured on KKFI's EcoRadio on Monday, Feb. 1. Jill shared updates on our work and answered questions about the Blue River and pollution. You can tune into the recording here.

Volunteers remove invasive honeysuckle at Alex George Wetland in March 2019. Alex George is one of HCA's Action Areas where we work to protect native habitat and trails threatened by invasive species.

Due to the weather, the bird walk and history tour at Alex George Wetland and Minor Park has been canceled. Inspired by the Great Backyard Bird Count, we encourage everyone to study the birds in their neighborhoods this weekend. Find information for The Great Backyard Bird Count and a downloadable Bird Count Bingo Card on the Renew the Blue website.

On Saturday, Feb. 20 HCA is working with The Resilient Activist to host a Renew the Blue Event from at Minor Park. The event is COVID-safe and will include a chance to remove invasive honeysuckle and followed by a guided meditation by The Resilient Activist. This event is an opportunity to learn about the Blue River both through hands-on restoration experience and a chance to mentally connect with nature. All experiences are welcome. The event is free but registration is required. Learn more and register here.

HCA is hosting a series of Green Guard Stewardship training workshops in March and April. The series will be co-hosted by our partners and Green Guard graduates. The workshops will take place on site at Dunbar Farms, 81st and Troost, Boon Area #1 and the Anita B. Gorman Discovery Center. Local conservation and environmental experts will introduce participants to the basics of stewardship of a vacant lot using nature-based solutions. Each lesson will provide practical resources and information through hands-on learning. This is funded by Health Forward Foundation as part of our Restoring Vacant Lots project.

If you are or know someone interested in using nature-based solutions to restore vacant lots in their community, register on our website. These workshops are free.


The next Education & Outreach Work Group meeting will be Thursday, 3/11/21 at 10 am

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