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Education & Outreach Program Update

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

On Saturday, March 20, 1-2pm, Heartland Conservation Alliance will host an informational webinar for the 2021 Youth Council. The webinar will be made up of HCA speakers, former Youth Council members, mentors, and conservation experts who all want to work together to increase environmental and conservation efforts in the Kansas City area. The webinar will be virtual and registration is open on HCA's website.

We encourage all those interested to attend, and there is no commitment necessary. Please come with questions, comments and any knowledge you wish to share. There will be opportunities to get to know each other, engage in breakout sessions, and gather resources for your environment and conservation projects.

Previous Youth Council members created the "Anti-litter Campaign," which spotlighted local business' efforts in recycling and sustainability.

The next Education & Outreach Work Group meeting will be Thursday, 5/13/21. If you are interested in attending a work group, contact Sarah Benal at

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