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Environmental Justice/Alliance Services Program Update

Photo by Jess Hartel

On July 24 members from The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 7, EPA headquarters in Washington, D.C. and their interns joined HCA for a tour of HCA's Action Areas. The first stop was Municipal Farm, where HCA Board member Scott Schulte shared HCA’s history and the Blue River Greenway project. After lunch the group visited The Heartland Overlook Preserve (The HOP) where Jess Hartel, HCA’s Conservation Program Manager, shared our vision in protecting and restoring the 40 acres of land. She described plans for The HOP to be used as a space to educate and connect people to nature.

The day ended at HCA’s office and the EPA shared resources to support HCA's work to conserve and protect the Blue River Watershed. HCA is greatly appreciative of the U.S. EPA’s support; Thank you for your ongoing effort and the work that you do on a national level!

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