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HCA's Holiday Gift List

By Sarah Benal

For the person who used all their high school cross country t-shirts to make a quilt during quarantine.

This person tried this craft after they graduated college, but couldn’t finish. But when Covid-19 hit and we all gathered our fabric glue, sourdough starters, knitting needles and puzzles for a collective craft circle and they finally managed to put it together. But now it’s December and they’ve sacrificed all their shirts for the good of crafting, and it’s time to replenish that t-shirt collection.

Heartland Conservation Alliance’s t-shirt is forest green and features the “Humans Need Nature” slogan from our 7th Annual Partnership Summit. Thanks to the creative minds at Willoughby Design in Kansas City, water and land embrace the skyline.

Purchase the t-shirt here

For the person who collects all the plants

This person has been giving so much care to the aloe vera, attention to the spider plant, concern for the succulent, that they’ve forgotten to hydrate themself. Humans need water too! And let’s admit it, those phone apps only work if you remember to open them but we’ve all put our phones away in self-care, right? Out of sight, out of mind.

They won’t forget with the HCA water bottle. No matter where you set it down, the hand commands you to stop and take a drink of water now. This person can drink while watering their plants and feel double the sense of accomplishment knowing they’re taking care of the fiddle leaf fig and themself.

Purchase the water bottle here

For the person who gives more than they get

We all have a friend who manages to find the most thoughtful gifts. They’re the ones who shrug when you say “you shouldn’t have!” but you know that they’ve been planning the gift for weeks and are bursting at the seams when they hand you the package.

A person like that doesn’t deserve an object, they deserve something deeper. Give them the gift of a tree planting, a native plant garden, a chance for them to lead their kids along a trail through the forest, or kayak down the Blue River. A donation in their name will contribute to all these possibilities and more.

Make a donation here

For the person who looks good in cool tones

Aren’t cool tones neutrals? Someone told me once navy is the new black, so is green the new blue? That means anyone would look good in HCA’s t-shirt. It fits true to size, made of 100% cotton and is machine washable. (Although if you’re like me, everything is machine washable if you cross your fingers and hope for the best.)

Purchase the t-shirt here

For the person made out of 60% water

Did you know even our bones are watery? According to the U.S. Geological Survey, our bones are composed of 31% water. And even though we’re not sweating in the cold weather, we’re still drying out and need to replenish somehow. Do it with the HCA water bottle, which is insulated to keep your water cold or tea warm. A handle at the top keeps it close while you go hiking, cycling or camping.

Purchase the water bottle here

For the person who always stops to read the plaques on park benches

They’re the same people who cry during weddings, send a greeting card for every holiday, always make sure their bird feeder is full, grow their own tomatoes, or remember all the ingredients to their aunt’s chocolate cookies without a recipe. They’re our friends who constantly add small things that over time, make the world a little better to be in. Make a donation to HCA in this friends’ name, and let us know what small thing we can do to make the world greener, healthier, and more joyous this holiday season.

Make a donation here

However you choose to do this holiday season, we hope you take some time to celebrate the good things, even if they’re small. We appreciate your support all year, not just in December, because it means we can keep doing what we love: sharing nature with all.

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