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Michael Price

"Blue River south of Minor Park" photo by Pat Whalen

I spent a long time at the Blue River in various folds and sections and saw it at its most beautiful and its worst. I've seen it wind itself through huge forests. I've seen the Blue River in all its forms. Sadly, many people don't know what it is or where it is.

The first time I went down to film the Blue River, I took a slightly longer lens in order to get close to the surface of the water. I looked closely at the surface of the river for over an hour.

After getting back to my car, I was feeling so refreshed mentally and spiritually. Spending time staring at the Blue River gave me the same effect as meditating would

I would certainly recommend to everyone to sit by the river quietly and soak into the river while it soaks into you.

This experience was an awakening that we as humans need to be doing this much more. To feel less anxious and stressed, feel reinvigorated.

If we can connect with water, being around it, we will be happier people

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