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Self Care, Nature and Hope

By Jill Erickson

It is early; the sun isn't up yet. But my daughter and I are waking up and making coffee. She is home from college for the day. I closed the office for the day. I had trouble falling asleep last night in anticipation for today. It's Election Day. 

Millions of Americans are doing the same and following their plans to go to the polls and to have their voices heard. I am reminded and inspired by the words of our community panelists at our recent Partnership Summit. The theme this year has been "Nature is Essential." Magali Rojas, HCA Youth Council, told us when asked to share a call to action to speak up. Do not be afraid to let your voice be heard - even if you are a young person, even if you are a person of color.

But I am inspired too by the comments made by HCA's Board President, Matt Davis. He shared that his best memories are with family and spending time in nature. And Roosevelt Lyons, Deputy Director for KC Parks who said "do less. Slow down."

In 2020 we learned how important relationships are: both with nature and with each other.

Today, it is important to show up and vote for the things that matter to you, and it is equally important to have a plan for caring for yourself. This has been a brutal year. There has been so much loss and so many challenges. We need to turn to loved ones and to basics. I plan to take a long walk and soak up some sunshine. I plan to cherish spending a morning with my daughter. The news will have us all wondering what will be left standing tomorrow.  Whatever happens today, I know nature will be here and open for business. It will if we honor it, and care for it.


Please make a donation today to help advance regional conservation efforts, to reconnect the region’s residents to our natural heritage, and to ensure its protection for generations to come. Click here or text "NeedNature" to 44-321.

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