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Community Work Groups

Conservation & Policy Work Group

  • Conservation Work Group members:

  • Kelly Blandford

  • Bill Blessing

  • Laurie Brown

  • Ian Fannin-Hughes

  • Bill Fessler

  • Ginny Moore

  • David Poirier

  • Scott Schulte

  • Regan Tokos

  • Stephen Van Rhein

  • Samuel Bennett

  • Victoria Dunkin

  • Michael Frisch

  • Sarah Hemme

  • Christina Hoxie

  • Robin Martinez

  • Bridgett Sanderson

  • Mike Sherry

Work Group Goals:

  • Protect natural resources

  • Improve water quality in the Blue River

  • Identify and support projects that meet conservation goals and benefit community

  • Identify funding opportunities and support HCA in developing funding sources for conservation projects

  • Promote an understanding of what we want to protect

  • Research the best practices for preserving land

  • Identify and engage those who can influence protecting land

  • Actively enlist champions to build support to protect land

The Conservation Work Group meets on the last Thursday of the month from 3:30-5:00 p.m. Find the next meeting on our calendar. 

For more information, please contact Magali Rojas,

or (816)382-7829.

Education & Outreach Work Group

Education & Outreach Work Group members:

  • Sam Bennett 

  • Nova Clarke

  • Ian Fannin-Hughes 

  • Imani Malaika-Mehta

  • Spencer Martin 

  • Larry O'Donnell  

  • Kathy Persley

  • Suzanne Welde


Work Group Goals:

  • Assess and enhance existing environmental education in Kansas City. 

  • Distribute tools and resources about ways to improve the Blue River’s health, to support partners, and promote use of the river.

  • Actively engage with communities and provide public outreach to increase public awareness of HCA and partners’ conservation efforts

  • Collaborate with HCA's AmeriCorps VISTA for new and ongoing events

The Education & Outreach Work Group meets virtually every two months on the second Thursday from 10-11:30 a.m. Find the next meeting on our calendar. ​

For more information about meetings and projects, please contact HCA Outreach Coordinator Sarah Benal,

or (816)349-9201

Partnership Work Group

Partnership Work Group members:

  • Wesley Hauser

  • Christina Hoxie

  • Chandler Little Eagle

  • Carl Stafford

Partnership Work Group.jpg

This work group's goals are to:

  • Highlight the work and achievements of HCA's Alliance members and Partners 

  • Build capacity for conservation and the work group's projects with an emphasis on Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. 

  • Enhance and continue building relationships with conservation stakeholders in the Kansas City Region while supporting the work and capacity of neighborhood coalitions to improve the grade of the Blue River Report Card. 

The Partnership Work Group meets every two months on the first Tuesday of the month from 6:00 - 7:30p.m. Find the next meeting on our calendar.

Please contact Kristina Williams for more information about the Partnership Work group. or (816)309-6666

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