Conservation Program


Conserving, Protecting, and Restoring the Blue River Watershed

Empowering Communities for a Sustainable Future


HCA’s Conservation Program primarily focuses on the restoration and protection of the Blue River Watershed. As a land trust, HCA works in a variety of ways to help protect land within the watershed, which in turn will increase the resiliency and improve the health of the Blue River. With the support of our Alliance, HCA holds conservation easements, owns land, and helps manage and steward land throughout the watershed. Through the strength of our Alliance and dedication to conserving natural resources, we hope to improve the grades within the science-based Blue River Report Card with every update.

Current Projects


The Heartland Conservation Alliance conserves native landscapes and restores damaged ecosystems in the Blue River watershed through advocacy and collaboration. The projects listed here are collaborative projects that work to conserve, protect, and restore natural areas within the Kansas City region, benefiting the community and future generations by improving water quality, creating recreational opportunities, protecting life and property, and preserving our natural and cultural heritage.

Blue River Report Card
Blue River Action Plan
Blue River Greenway Case Statement
Environmental Stewardship & Workforce Development
Heartland Overlook Preserve (HOP)

Our Impact

These projects are accomplished through collaboration with a network of public and private organizations and agencies that share our goals, values and objectives. HCA works to integrate, not duplicate the activities of our members and serve as a conduit for new resources rather than a new competitor for existing funds. To that end, we have brought more than $2.4 million to our region to support conservation efforts.

Get Involved

If you’re interested in helping us improve the health of the Blue River and increase equitable access to green space in the Blue River Watershed, you can: