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Together protecting the places we love

Our Mission

The Heartland Conservation Alliance works with partners to protect, connect, and restore the Blue River watershed and its urban green spaces for the benefit and enjoyment of all.

Our Vision

A sustainable environment that supports the health of all human and natural communities in the Kansas City region.

A shared vision for regional conservation


Founded in 2012 by a group of citizens who care deeply for the beautiful places in our city, Heartland Conservation Alliance protects natural areas for the enjoyment and benefit of all. Kansas City is home to hundreds of beautiful places. Luckily, it is also home to hundreds of dedicated individuals, organizations, and government agencies protecting, restoring, and caring for our region's natural resources.


By leveraging our ideas and strengths we will have a collective impact on the health of natural communities and make a long-term difference. Heartland Conservation Alliance is an alliance of conservation groups and entities intentionally collaborating toward common goals. While we consider our service area to be the greater Kansas City Metropolitan area, our current geographic focus is the Blue River Watershed.


We are a 501(c)3 organization and together with our Board, Steering Council, Work Groups and Alliance members, we convene interested stakeholders, pool resources, conserve natural resources for people, wildlife and ecosystems. We educate landowners, neighborhood residents, youth, adults and policy makers. We connect people to nature.


Our Programs

Conserving natural resources


Heartland Conservation Alliance is an urban land trust so that we can protect lands identified in regional plans. We are currently focusing our efforts in the Blue River Watershed. Land trusts protect land in a variety of ways. We can hold conservation easements, own land and help manage or steward lands. 


Learn more about our Conservation Program

Convening our community​


We are working to convene interested stakeholders to plan and discuss ways we can maximize opportunities and collaborations. We are looking for ways to pool resources. We are creating guides to focus and implement regional conservation plans. Heartland Conservation Alliance wants to help implement and build on existing community plans for regional conservation.

Learn more about our

Alliances Services Program

Connecting people to nature


We believe in power of the people. We are working to actively engage the public in the implementation so our work will make the place we call home - where we work, play, live - have lasting value. We are educating landowners, land managers, neighborhoods, youth, adults, policy makers and conservation organizations.

Learn more about our

Education and Outreach Program

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