Renew the Blue

Did you know that the Blue River travels almost 40 miles, across two  states, three counties and 18 municipalities? It flows from Johnson County Kansas, through Kansas City Metro where it confluences with the Missouri River in eastern Jackson County. People all over the region are working to revitalize and clean up the Blue River.

Why is the Blue River Important?   


Urban waters, which often serve as drinking water sources, may become polluted by the runoff from the roads and parking lots, as well as industrial sources.

Yet, they serve large populations in the adjacent, upstream and downstream communities. Healthy and accessible urban waters help grow local businesses and enhance educational, recreational, and social opportunities in the communities through which they pass. Urban waters have the potential to be treasured centerpieces of urban revival. Protecting them can help to then protect the public and environmental health of these communities.

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The Blue River has the potential to become not only a safe, healthy urban recreational destination but also to revert back to its viable natural habitat for fish and wildlife. Like it was 100 years ago! But we have to get involved now to gain the momentum to make this difference, together.

Photos by Pat Whalen

What Can I Do, Right Now?

Volunteer for a project. Reach out to us and help us with a variety of  projects and events - there’s plenty to do, all year round. 

Engage your community.  The more, the merrier! Helping us spread awareness through your Social Media channels is a great way to get the word out about Renew the Blue.

Donate to a great cause. You can make your tax-deductible contribution to the  Urban Waters Federal Partnership here - we’ll put your generosity  to good use supporting our many activities we have planned.

Get excited, STAY Connected! We’re glad you have expressed an interest in this bold plan. We hope our enthusiasm rubs off on you and inspires you to take action on our behalf. 

Why Should I Get Involved?   


Everyone is starting to realize that a healthy ecosystem not only makes sense for a clean environment for all of us to enjoy, but it can be the springboard for a viable, profitable tax base for the surrounding communities. Renew the Blue is in the process of gaining momentum to do just that - throughout the Kansas City Metropolitan area, on both sides of the State line.



For more information and a detailed map of the Blue River


Logan Heley
Blue River Ambassador

Heartland Conservation Alliance 
Phone: 816-316-6071