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Marlborough Green Guard Stewardship Program 


Marlborough Green Guard Stewards helped to restore a vacant lot into a hydrangea garden to be used by the surrounding community as a place of tranquility and habitat for pollinators and other local wildlife. This vacant lot is one of many being revitalized by the Marlborough Community Coalition (MCC). MCC is also working with KC Water to implement green infrastructure stretching from just west of Holmes Road to Prospect Avenue, and from about 73rd Street to 85th Street over a total of 744 acres. This undertaking is the largest in the nation and will be used to understand best practices for stormwater management, improving quality of our urban waters, and reducing flooding.

As a part of the federal Overflow Control Program, the Marlborough community is receiving a $30 Million  investment at 81st and Troost to construct a park and green infrastructure over 10 acres. This project will provide the community a safe, healthy environment to recreate at and be enjoyed by all. 

The Green Guard Stewardship Program in Marlborough was hosted by the Marlborough Community Center and made possible by our partners that helped teach our classes and funding from Community Capital Fund. This program had eleven stewards graduate, with five of them going on to seek opportunities with our partners. They were trained in water quality testing, plant identification, the importance of biodiversity and diversity in conservation, uses of green infrastructure, community engagement and leadership, land use planning, and the tenants of stewardship. 

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