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Alex George Wetland

Vision for a Healthy Action Area

The Blue River meanders through two parks in this Action Area: Minor Park managed by Kanas City Parks and Recreation and Alex George Wetland managed by Jackson County Parks + Rec. The banks are severely eroded from flooding and are overgrown with invasive species. Minor Park provides playgrounds, recreation fields, shelters, and paved trails, as well as an arboretum created by Bridging The Gap and the historic Red Bridge over the river. The area also contains national historic pioneer trails as recognized by the National Parks Service. The surrounding neighborhoods are high density residential with some businesses built in the 1960s.

About the Alex George Wetland

As noted in the 2019 Blue River Report Card, residents of south Kansas City have strong Community Connections to the Blue River, and this Action Area provides a number of opportunities to access the Blue River including trails and parks. However, native habitat and trails are threatened by invasive species, a lack of resources for management, pollution from runoff, and infill development. Neighborhoods along the Blue River in this Action Area experience severe flooding.

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Focal Species: American Beaver
Total Acres in Action Area


Keystone Ecosystems/Habitats

Bottomland forest and wetland

Summary of Threats

  • Invasive species, erosion of streambanks, sedimentation

  • Lack of dedicated resources for natural resource management

  • Collapse and closure of Blue River Road

  • Illegal dumping along roads and in parks

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Action Area Management Goals

Key strategies for this action area include supporting Jackson County Parks + Rec with restoration plans for the wetland, including funding and hosting volunteer workdays. Engaging the communities around the park is important for long-term stewardship of the area. Natural areas are under threats from invasive species, especially bush honeysuckle. There are hiking trails in the area that can benefit from support and resources.


While many organizations and individuals are working to protect undeveloped natural areas in this Action Area, this Plan highlights a few Alliance members that are leading successful projects to meet the goals of this plan, including:

  • Jackson County Parks + Rec

  • Heartland Tree Alliance

  • Heartland Conservation Alliance

  • Kansas City Parks and Recreation


Indicators of Health


The Blue River Action Plan prioritizes projects to maintain or improve health indicators. We're focusing on the following indicators for the Blue River Parkway.

Water Quality






Summary of Conservation Priorities

  • Establish thriving wetlands

  • Restore eroded streambanks

  • Remove honeysuckle and other invasive species •Expand riparian corridor by planting native bottomland species

  • Support opportunities for recreation, especially trails according to MetroGreen standards

  • Increase diversity of trees and diversity of native species predicted to adapt  well to climate change

  • Advocate for retrofit stormwater management practices in the residential neighborhood

  • Encourage large landowners to convert turf to native prairie or savannah

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