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Municipal Farm Work Day

Learn and be a part of revitalizing a 441-acre property owned by the City of Kansas City within the Eastwood Hills Neighborhood. Heartland Conservation Alliance and its partners are organizing the Municipal Farm Work Day to engage the community in the process of the Municipal Farm Sustainable Reuse Plan, an EPA pilot project for the historic 441-acre Municipal Farm site. Find out how Boys Grow are now using parts of this site for urban agriculture. Learn how you can be a part of planning and utilizing this magnificent site that will connect you to recreation trails to the Blue River, Katy Trail and St. Louis MO. This plan also includes nature-focused education facilities and habitat restoration. Funding for the Muncipal Farm Work Day is possible through the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

You are invited to this all-day event that includes:

Historical Tour of Municipal Farm Honeysuckle Academy Workshop Fruit Tree Planting

Lunch will be provided to those who particpate in the Honeysuckle Academy Workshop

Saturday, March 18 8 a.m. — 2 p.m. Municipal Farm

Only 50 spots available sign up here now! Contact Joy Heaviland, Partnership Coordinator, for more information.

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