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Alliance Services Program Update

Rocky Point Glades, located in Swope Park, is managed by Kansas City WildLands. Their workdays involved clearing woody invasive plants – both native and exotic – that severely threaten the native flora and open character of these natural communities. Photo by Madeline Putman.

On Friday, April 1 the HCA staff is getting outside and visiting Kansas City’s beautiful parks and trails. All month long HCA will be spotlighting the important work being done all over the Blue River Watershed and providing advice and insight about how you can get out and explore too.

It’s been a long winter, and we’re excited to celebrate spring’s arrival and all the exciting opportunities to engage with nature. We invite you to join us! So roll out your bike, lace up your shoes, or spread out your picnic blanket and fall in love with nature. Share your discoveries on social media and tag HCA so we can share it with the community.

At Heartland, we’re dedicated to protecting the places we love the most, from parks to trails to the Blue River. And we’re proud to say that this year we’re celebrating our 10 Year Anniversary. We invite you to commit to donating $10 a month to help us with our next 10 years. When you give to Heartland Conservation Alliance, you join thousands of others who want to protect and restore our beautiful natural places. Your donation directly benefits Kansas City communities, green spaces and future generations by improving water quality, creating recreational opportunities, and preserving our natural and cultural heritage.


The next Partnership Work Group is scheduled for 5/10/22 at 6:00 - 7:30pm. The Work Group meets virtually. If you’re interested in joining the Work Group, contact Sarah Benal,

The next Urban Waters meeting is scheduled for 3/16/22.

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