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Alliance Services Program Update

One of the ways we measure our success with the number of events about or on the Blue River, people attending our events, people we reach in promoting our events, and the number of partners supporting our event. Photo by Magali Rojas.

On January 18 HCA hosted the Urban Waters Federal Partnership meeting. Since 2013, the Blue River Urban Waters Federal Partnership has been working to restore land, reconnect people and revitalize communities in the Blue River watershed in the Kansas City Metro, both in Kansas and Missouri. Co-led by the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), Heartland Conservation Alliance (HCA) and Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) the Partnership includes more than 30 federal, state, and local partners.

One of the initiatives included under the Urban Waters Federal Partnership is the “Renew the Blue” Campaign. “Renew the Blue” is a messaging campaign that unites efforts and partners that are working to restore and protect the Blue River. “Renew the Blue” attempts to spotlight the important work done across the Blue River Watershed to tell a story of how all that work contributes to the larger effort of river conservation.

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